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Theo’s Big Adventure is finally finished! It’s been a long year and three months, but my first RPG Maker game (starring characters by the excellent Kwillow!) is complete!

Theo’s Big Adventure is a simple game about a rather antisocial, easily stressed out man who must fight to complete his daily activities (such as getting the newspaper, mailing a letter, and going grocery shopping) while interacting with as few people as possible. Of course, there’s a bit more to it than that—in his efforts to minimize the number of annoyances in his life, he ends up meeting several strange characters and getting roped into something bigger…

A basic playthrough of the game takes about an hour to an hour and a half to complete. There is also a New Game+ mode, a secret area and ending if you collect the sparkly Thing hidden in each level, and several sidequests (with rewards!), all of which will add more playtime.

Download the game here!

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I wanna play Star Fox 64 really bad…

But I don’t even know who has the N64 or Star Fox right now (and the rumble pack).

And I don’t have a pc N64 controller…